gsk-italy1000Beauty alters the grain of reality.
—from The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

I have studied and appreciate many styles of art. Perhaps related to my other serious interests in math and law, I have an eye for detail and am delighted by nuance when I create my own artwork. I find myself deeply engaged in the creative process, from vision and initial planning, through the problem-solving and endless decision-making of execution, to final product. It feels like magic to coax color, light and form into an image that conveys a sense of space, dimension and texture.

Painting traditional subject matter, I find that people, places and things each present me with challenges, both different and similar. In all cases, I try to portray some of the subject's inherent energy. My approach is academic and intellectual, but my involvement is emotional. I want my paintings to be accessible, cohesive and harmonious, with a cooperative relationship among the various elements. The constant challenge is to translate the sights that have impact on me into paint. And I love the feel of oil paints. My connection with the materials themselves is visceral.

I realized years ago that the reason I paint is because I love to do it. I see the world as full of beautiful things, and I love the process of expressing my visual enjoyment of life. I want to share what surprises and delights me about what I see.


1967 — Bucknell University, B.A. Fine Arts
1968 — School of Visual Arts, Certificate in Fine Arts
1970-2000 — Various painting classes at School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Chester County Art Association, and private instruction
1984-1988 — Emanel Graphic, Inc., Design Studio, Owner, West Chester, PA
1989-1993 — Artesian Studios, Inc., Design Studio, Co-Owner, Phoenixville, PA
1994-Present — Mottasia, Inc., Art & Design Studio, Owner, West Chester, PA
2004-2015 — Magisterial District Judge, District Court 15-1-04, West Chester, PA
2017-Present — Chester County Art Association, Board Member
2017-Present — West Chester Public Arts Commission, Member
2017-Present — Brandywine River Museum, Volunteer, Guide Trainee