…Because little things make a difference!

Bend in the Road

Bend in the Road, oil on canvas, 12" x 16"

I was astonished when I reviewed the number of activities on my calendar this week! After today, directions will shift. The fall season is officially beginning, and the pace seems to be speeding up. I can feel the sense of leisure fade as my attention turns to planning how I will get it all done.

For the most part, my commitments are related to fundamentals of my life, but some of them flow from activities that interest me, or people I care for, or causes that matter to me. Nevertheless, “fun” tends to become a separate category that gets intentionally scheduled in where I can fit it.

When I see signs of myself turning towards stress or grind, I have learned to stop—and have a little fun! This is not scheduled or purchased fun. It’s just shifting my mindset in the moment. I pay attention to something I like in what I am doing, where I am. I might share a smile, let in the sound of birds singing, notice a bright spot in my field of vision, remember why I chose to be there! It’s my version of “stop and smell the roses,” and “be here now”.

A pause to find that spark allows energy and flow to return. I paint from a sense of how much I love doing it, and I try to convey a bit of that fun in my finished artwork.